Vlad Ispas

World Traveler | Travel Photographer | Cruise & Travel Planner

World Traveler

Hi! I’m Vlad, living currently between countries, who, few years ago, left my career & business to become a world traveler. Since then, I’ve traveled to over 40 countries (I still try to add up all of them).
I hope I can inspire you to travel as much as you can & conquer the entire world, like I’m planning to do.

Because most of my travels are made with a cruise liner you’ll find here the best itineraries for your visit to Europe and for the most exotic islands of the Caribbean.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and everybody should make the effort to travel from time to time. I’ll try to give you a piece of advice here on the blog to help you plan your trips and to make the most of your time while traveling the world.


Travel Photographer & Wannabe Blogger

Wannabe Blogger because I’m not much of a writer, but, in time maybe I’ll gain some skills.

On the other side, travel photography is one of my biggest passions. And to be fair I have all the travel opportunities on my side. I’m an expat, and I make my living nowadays by working for the biggest cruise liners in the world. I shifted to this career because “home” started to become a little bit boring.

Cruising & traveling the world for 10-11 months per year gives me the opportunity that I mentioned before. I get to visit the same city maybe 4-5 times in a season, and I can go all over the city without thinking if I have enough time or not and that’s awesome!! Another good thing about this travel style is that I can take my time while taking photos, and I can get a new or better composition next time I’m in that city.


Travel Advisor

I left my career home. But I still am a travel advisor and destination consultant. Nowadays only for few special clients, but enough to keep my skills up to date.

I`ll try to do things a little bit different here on the blog, and try to be more subjective with my recommendations and travel tips.

As a travel consultant and destination manager I made probably more than 1000 fully customized itineraries for leisure or city escapes. With my experience in booking and traveling I’m hoping to create for you guys an idea of how your holiday should look like and what you’ll find on the road, because not every place is as wonderful as is presented in online advertising. 

Being actually a tourist while in the ports of call, I will only make recommendations that can be beneficial to a travel package, a way of taking advantage from all the things a city can offer, as sightseeing, restaurants, accommodation, local tours (especially those that are offered free by some tourism organization), the best places to capture a great picture, the best places to shop and why not the best places to have a romantic night-out. 

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